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Conflict of thoughts

I am sure this has been discussed before, but I have been out of the lj loop for a while.

This summer I started taking birth control for health reasons. I used to have extrememly heavy periods since starting college and had accidents all the time (even when shopping--so embarassing). I am almost 24 years old and I shouldn't be having these problems anymore. I went to the doctor to get my first pap smear and she commented on how pale I looked and asked me to get my hemoglobin levels checked (thankfully they were normal). She asked me if I had thought of taking birth control. I have friends who have taken birth control for similar reasons, but I always figured no I wouldn't take it for a number of reasons (cost, possible side effects, I was chaste). Taking birth control has made a night and day difference to me. Seriously. No more accidents, no more worries.

My question is this: when I get married someday I am going to want to continue on this birth control for exactly the same reasons I am taking it now. I don't want to have accidents when I sleep and ruin sheets, clothes, etc. I don't want to feel tired and sick when I have my period. If I am open to the possiblity of having children while I am taking this (because I know it's not 100% effective) is it wrong for me to take it? Has anyone here had to make this decision, and if so, what have you decided to do?

Thanks so much. It's been bothering me since I started taking it.

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