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reproductive morality and the law

So just as a little preface to introduce myself, since I'm new to this comm: I am protestant (United Methodist) but I have Catholic roots in my family and was actually baptized Catholic as a baby. I am also working on a Masters in Pastoral Counseling at the School of Theology and Ministry in a Jesuit Catholic university (the STM provides both Catholic and ecumenical tracks) so many of my professors and classmates (who are becoming friends) are Catholic. I am really enjoying getting in touch with these roots a little bit more, and learning about the richness and depth of the Catholic tradition.

I'm generally one of these people that's more interested in what the various Christian sects have in common than what our differences are, but because of Catholicism in my family and my own history, I have still been very curious about things that are "distinctly Catholic." I've been learning recently about a lot of the rich theological language around sexuality and the importance of a sexual union bringing at least a possibility of new life... I may not completely agree with it, but I appreciate that things are not as simple as "birth control is bad; don't ask why" which seems to be a lot of what popular (non-Catholic) opinion is on the doctrine--like, the Catholics are just behind the times or something, instead of there really being something of substance here to talk about.

I've also noticed that lately, there are some conservative Catholic groups who are aligning themselves with the evangelical protestant Christians in the fight against abortion, but that it doesn't seem to be all of Catholicism doing this. Anyway, my question comes in here ... what are your thoughts on how much the Catholic ethic of sexuality and new life should be legislated? I guess I'm mostly interested in hearing from people who DO think that birth control is unethical for contraceptive purposes--do you think that the pill shouldn't be available at all as a contraception because of it's immorality? What about abortion, or the morning-after pill?

What I'm primarily interested in here is how people separate (or don't) their moral beliefs with what they would support being legislated. Here in the US, it seems the line between what is moral and what should be written into law is blurring a great deal lately, and I'm so interested in how people distinguish where that line is. I hope that's clear enough to get some good discussion :)
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