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Consent to marriage, ius in corpus, and feminism

I'm a non Catholic taking a course in Canon Law, and I'm here asking for some help/input on my paper for the semester.

I've written about the evolution of consent to marriage from "ius in corpus", giving the perpetual and exclusive right to the body, to partnership and consortium, specifically as reflected in the Canadian journal of canon law Studio Canonica

My thesis is (basically) that something is missing from the discussion of consent in marriage, that even as it moves towards a much more progressive and mutual definition (for example, where a woman could potentially have the right to refuse sex with her husband), the language of discourse is strikingly gender neutral and scrupulous to avoid all reference to gender issues and feminism.

I submitted This paper for my midterm and will submit an expanded version of it for the final. I'm hoping to include some reference to contemporaneous feminist Catholic scholarship (in the '70s and '80s) to do some c&c. I am asking for direction/references for this question, and also for any other feedback or input you care to give.

Thanks so much!

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